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I think it's about time to do a bit of f-list clearing out. This isn't an 'I hate you and want you to go' thing, so please don't take offense if you're removed.

I have a friend's only journal because I dither and moan about my personal stuff, and I'm not comfortable sharing all of the down and dirty details unless people are interested. So, if you've commented enough for me to remember you commenting, you get to stay. If you get pruned off and still want to view my entries, just comment here and I'll add you back to the list.

My attention span and focusing abilities are suffering a bit, right now, so this'll make it a bit easier to comment on journals without getting so overwhelmed.

If I remove you, feel free to remove me. I won't take offense, as I hope you don't. :)

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This gets to be the first entry to let everyone know that this will be a 'friends only' type of journal.

Most of the contents will be whimperings and whines of my copings with my generally poor health; and, therefore, rather personal details of my doctors appointments, personal relationships, and that sort of thing will be discussed.

I'm currently restoring/building our yard and gardens and don't leave the house much, so there's a lot of plant talk, food talk, pet talk, and the general banalities of life.

If you aren't friended upon direct request, please feel free to flame me wherever you see fit. I may not 'know' you enough to feel comfortable. I do like comments, though. :)


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